Discovering Florida Explorers: A Prezi Webquest


Created by:Ana BechelChanelle MaxwellFaith GriffinMichelle MongeNatacha Edmondson

Design for Instruction by Day:
Day 1
(Michelle Monge)
learning objectives:
Your Explorer (birth, death, country born)
Day 2
(Ana Bechel)
learning objectives:
Your Explorer (Motivation)
Day 3
(Chanelle Maxwell)
learning objectives:
Your Explorer (routes and discovery)
Day 4
(Faith Griffin)
learning objectives
Your Explorer (footprint)
Day 5
(Natacha Edmondson)
learning objectives:
Anticipatory Set/Pretest
Read a fiction story:
The Ballad of the Pirate Queens
by: Jane YolenPretest: Pre-write the following questions on the board:* What does an explorer do?
  • What does the word exploration mean?
  • Can you name an explorer?
  • How did explorers travel?
  • What's the farthest you have ever been from home?
Pass out a stack of post-it notes for each table. Point to each question as you read it aloud. Ask the students to use these questions to write what they know about explorers, have the students use one post-it per idea and put their post-it notes on the board. Allow ESE or EL to work with a proficient English speak and/or draw a response depending on their ability level. Provide enough think time for all students to participate. After every student has added their post-it notes, ask a volunteer from each table to organize the ideas. As the students categorize the student’s notes, introduce the daily objective. Have the student volunteers share how they categorized the class’s prior knowledge about explorers and what they found.
Read a fiction story:
The Magic Fountain: Another Really Truly Story
by: Sadyebeth and Anson Lowitz
Use globe to ask questions:
  • What is your groups name?
  • What was Ponce de Leon seaching for?
  • What is your job in your group?
Read a fiction story:In 1492
by: Jean Marzollo
Use globe to ask questions:
  • What country was your explorer from?
  • What is a Conquistador?
  • When was your explorer born?
Read a fiction story:
Follow the Dream: The Story of Christopher Columbus
by: Peter Sis
Use globe to ask questions
  • What was a conflict/problem your explorer encountered?
  • What supplies did yout explorer bring with him on his journey?
  • What country did your explorer travel from?
  • How many miles did he travel as he explored?
Pretest: Use globe to ask questions* How is exploration different from the 1500's compared to present day?
  • What were some of the reasons for explorations?
All students will create a flipbook. Each page will represent a different explorer (teacher print pictures to paste on each flip?) where they will add details about the explorer.
Flip book details for today: Explorer Name, Birth, Death, Picture of the explorer, home country
Model the final Prezi presentations by using Christopher Columbus Prezi.

Explain to the students we will use a Jigsaw to learn about 5 different Florida Explorers (show prezi template)– students will learn about their explorer by completing a Prezi Webquest. A printout of the Prezi will be used as the student’s rubric. Review Daily Roles (switch every day)
  • Navigator: You are responsible for keeping the ship on course and not getting lost. You will read the daily mapped directions and ensure your crew stays on task.
  • Scribe: Without journals from the past we would not have important information about our history. Your job is to journal your crews discoveries.
  • Interpreter: As a scholar who has studies several languages you will be relied on to translate information found in important resources. You will research the daily topics and report what you have discovered to your group scribe.
  • Steward: You are in charge of your crews resources. Find media, pictures, and artifacts to support your groups discoveries.

Break students into groups by explorer:Students will select their explorers, create a group name (Ponce de Leon’s crew, Hernando de Soto’s shipmate’s, etc).
Each group will create hat to represent their group/explorer. The hat will include:Student Name and the Group Name

Students will select their group role for tomorrow (Navigator, Scribe, Interpreter(s), Steward).
Students will put on their hats and break up into groups.
Prezi Webquest- Your Explorer, Home Country, Motivition
Two Column Notes/Kagan (see teacher resources)

Students will actively read about their explorer and his home countryStudent will add Explorers Name, Birth, Death, Picture of the explorer, a fun fact about their explorer.
Student will add picture of the explorers home country.
Students will select their group role for tomorrow (Navigator, Scribe, Interpreter(s), Steward).

Student will actively read about explorer’s travels to the New World and their motivation for traveling to the New World.

Student will create a blabberize explaining explorer’s motivations. (teacher has to upload the blabberize into youtube so student can embed in prezi) Embed blabberize in prezi
Students will put on their hats and break up into groups.
Prezi Webquest- Routes and Discovery

Student will research the explorer’s routes and then go to national geographic kids interactive map to map the route of the their explorer and embed on their prezi

Student will calculate distance traveled, explorers struggles/success, the supplies the explorer used to travel and any problems, conflicts, successes they encountered during their travels and add to Prezi

Take a tour of the Castillo de San Marcos that was built starting in 1672 by the Spanish to protect St. Augustine from English expansion.
Student will actively read about explorer’s travels to the New World and the experiences they had in the New World

Florida (contact with others, what they found, what did they do, problems/conflict/success)

Students will select their group role for tomorrow (Navigator, Scribe, Interpreter(s), Steward).
Students will put on their hats and break up into groups. Prezi Webquest- footprint and practice presentation

students will synthesize the information they have learned about their explorer and information they know about our culture and world today to determine:
How did the explorer affect our world today?
How did the explorer affect history?
Student groups will take turns practicing their presentations using the IWB. Students will focus on using technology to enhance their presentation and developing their presentation skills.
MODEL how to present the prezi's by presenting the Christopher Columbus prezi again. Think aloud as you make eye contact and speak with expression ina professional manner.
Presentation Day! At the end of the week students will share their Prezi/treasure chest/information they gathered with the class.Students will actively listen and record information on their flip books
Summary/Post Assessment
Students will share what they learned about their explorer. (Paper assessment: Flipbook)100_1998.JPG

Interactive Mapped Timeline

Printout of Prezi/Flipbook
Read Encounter
by Jane Yolen to lead into next unit on Florida Natives.Post Assessment: Flipbook/Prezi Rubric
Extension Activities
(Homework) Each student will bring in a shoebox covered in brown, tan, or yellow paper.
In science review the orange experiment started two weeks prior to show students the importance of science.
Each student will collect 1 artifacts to add to your prezi presentation (pictures, sand, water, etc.)